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At Travel Curated we want to create for you the travel that we want for ourselves: a trip that matches your perfect mix of adventure and indulgence, experience and reflection. How often have you thought that you would do your trip differently if you’d known more? We can get it right first time, getting to know your wishes for your trip so that we can custom-build your personal travel plan. Think of us not as a remote agency, but as fellow travellers with the experience to offer advice on the hidden boutique hotel, the a...

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We can craft any trip, to wherever you wish. We work with your requirements to create unique holidays, specific to you. Whether you wish to climb Kilimanjaro, relax in a Tuscan villa or explore a luxury boutique hotel in Pondicherry, we can make it happen. If you're unsure of where to go, why not browse some of our popular destinations.

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These are some of our favourite trip ideas. Sometimes it can be tricky to know everything that is available to you, so let our experts help. We create fully bespoke trips, paying attention to every detail. Whether you're after a luxury city break, or a full scale adventure through the arctic we can make it happen.


Sometimes you do not know where to go, but you know what you're after. It may be a family holiday, wildlife holiday, luxury holiday or something different completely. We have built these inspirations to give you some ideas on where to travel to.

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