The best places to see wildlife around the world


The best places to see wildlife around the world

Thanks to the technological advancements, we can remote the nature and the wonders of the world through our flat screens-into our living rooms. But we also cannot deny the fact that the thrill in watching the wildlife with our bare eyes is an impeccable experience. Whether it is spotting the snow leopards in Ladakh or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive with the sharks in Indonesia, nature has its way to surprise us. It also reminds us how insignificant we are and why we should be more engaging to the well-being of the wild world. If you want to have a life-changing experience and not just some random touring, then you should follow these top 8 wildlife destinations in the world to get started.

Hemis National Park, Ladakh-

The Snow Leopard trek (Hemis National Park), in the eastern part of Ladakh with an average elevation of three thousand meters. A high altitude protected area, created in 1981 for the protection and conservation of its sui generis flora and fauna. 

The Hemis National Park works like a magnet in alluring the adventurists from all over the world to spot this elusive leopard. It might not be easy to locate this mammal at the usual time of the year. But in winters, when they descend from the high Himalayas in search of food, you can expect to get a glance. During this period, you will get the maximum opportunities for sighting the snow leopard from a moderate distance. So don't forget to pack your binoculars for a clear vision of this enigmatic cat. 

You can also find some other species in this cold desert-like- Tibetan Antelope, marmot, Ibex, Shapo, Tibetan Hare, and Blue Sheep. In the avi population, you can find species like- Golden Eagle, Red Billed Chuff, Snow Patridge, and etcetera. 

To reach Ladakh, take the flight. The main airport in Leh city is Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. It is well-connected with Delhi Airport along with all the major cities in India.

Atlantic Puffins, Maine, United States-

To be clear about puffins- they are not a quart of milk sized penguins. They may have similar features, but they belong to different families. Penguins cannot fly, but puffins fly. Puffins live in the Northern Hemisphere whereas penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The Atlantic puffins had a hard history. In 1901, they declared locally extinct in Maine. But thanks to the work of Dr. Stephen W. Kress and Barbara's puffin cereal, these pints-sized birds have made a huge comeback. 

The best place for puffin watching is Eastern Egg Rock. It is one of the most popular islands of Maine's and also, one of the best places to see wildlife in the U.S. Here, you can also spot bald eagles and even some seals. 

The puffin watching season only lasts four months out of the year. The best season to watch the puffins is between April and August. The Eastern Egg Rock is only visible from a boat. So if you want to watch the puffins, you can book a puffin cruise. 

Note: Don't forget to bring your binoculars during this tour. And if you want to learn more about the puffins, then plan a trip to Project Puffin Visitor Center in Rockland, ME. From Greyhavens Inn, the puffin center is only 60 minutes away.  

There's staff transportation to the Island provided by Lunda 3 and moored near Bremen, which is 8 miles north of Eastern Egg Rock. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the destination.


African wildlife spotting in Tanzania and Botswana-

To spot the African lion in Tanzania and Botswana, skip the National parks visits and move to more remote lodges on private concessions. Here night driving and off-roading can happen. But they limit the vehicles to the number of guests in the area.

In Tanzania, the 'andBeyond Klein's Camp' offers some of the best panoramic views of the wildlife and the spirit of wild Africa. Here you will get some picturesque scenes over the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. It is also, within reach of the annual Great Wildebeest Migration. 

In Botswana, the Vumbura plains camp lies in an area that is a combination of water and dry land. Here, you can have access to the game drives, which brings you closer to the wild. You can explore the channels- a boat ride where you can sight some hippos. Also, get to experience ‘float above the delta’ and ‘after-dark game viewing’ for some best night shots in your camera. 

There are many airports, but the closest one to Tanzania is Mwanza International Airport, which is 6 hrs and 43 minutes away from the camp. There are a few direct flights to Botswana. You'll first have to fly to South Africa's O.R. Tambo International Airport. From here, you'll get a direct flight to Botswana's- Maun Airport, which is only 124 kilometers away from the camp.


Sharks and Komodo dragons, Indonesia-

Get to have an incredible experience with your luxurious stay at one of Indonesia's best resorts. The Kalimaya Dive Resort, opened in 2017, sits on the edge of Indonesia's famous Komodo National Park. It offers impressive biodiversity and once-in-a-while opportunity to dive an underwater Sangeang Volcano

You can expect things like- boat dives and drift dives. Also, get to see some pygmy seahorses patrol the coral reefs, watch turtles, bumblebee shrimp, nudibranchs, pipefish, pelagics, and bamboo sharks.

To reach the resort, take a flight to Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin 3 Airport, which is 305 kilometers away from the resort with a drive of almost 7 hours.

Kamchatka, Russia-

A 'Land of fire and ice,' fire for it has the largest active volcano in the northern hemisphere and ice for it covers the land in snow for most of the year. It is a 1250 kilometer-long finger of land in the Russian Far East, which is one of the top places on Earth for abundant wildlife and natural habitat. 

To measure the incredible biological wealth of the region, count the number of plants. There are over 1000 species of plants here. What makes it even more attractive is the sight of the brown bear scooping up the salmon from the lake. 

Not to mention, but half of the population of large Steller's sea eagles found here. It is home to nine species of whales, substantial seabird colonies, and thousands of sea otters.

Note: As it is a little-known region for the tourists, book a day trip from the agencies like- Lost World and Explore Kamchatka in Petropavlovsk. The big day trip to Kuril Lake, Mt. Mutnovskaya, and Valley of the Geysers set by the helicopter companies. You can choose any agency as the cost of the ride is the same. Though the prices of these helicopter rides may differ according to the hours you will spend on the chopper.

Flying Safari, Kenya-

Wildlife in Africa is a feast to the eyes. Tourists from all over the world want to connect with wildlife and create lasting memories on the flying safari. Ker and Downey luxury tour operators and Scenic Air Safaris are Kenya's only full-service flying safari company. 

Two years from now, in 2017, they debuted a nine-day tour of reserves. It focuses on African animals deemed endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. A tally which includes African elephants in Samburu, lions, and cheetahs in the Masai Mara among others. 

A travel guide with up to ten passengers on the aircraft can fly with the most panoramic views from the windows (they also have plush swivel seats).

This trip includes locations like- Masai Mara National Reserve, Loisaba Conservancy- Laikipia, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Samburu National Reserve. With an experienced guide in every area, you will get to know in-depth details about the species, flora, and fauna, and the threats that animals are facing.


The Great Migration of Serengeti-

In 1972, when United Nations delegates chose the first World Heritage Site in Stockholm, they came up with Serengeti as the top one on the list. To this day, it has renowned as one of the best National parks on Earth, and it is best known for its great migration. 

To have one of the best wildlife experiences in the world, you can visit this place around the year, and you’ll still get the most incredible scenes of your life. It is a country where you can never stop driving and also can never have enough of its beauty. Wherever you will look- there are animals. 

In this 1200 mile odyssey, the key players are 1.5 million of the wildebeest, accompanied by 2 million zebras. For them, the journey never ends as they chase the rain in a race of life, migrating in a circular motion around the Serengeti National Park. 

The best time to visit the Serengeti Annual Migration is between July and October, and December and March. In July to October, you can watch the wildebeest crossing the Mara River. It is so dramatic and picturesque that people consider it to be the most desirable time of the year to witness the migration. While in winters, you can see the big herds gathering together as they always come south for calving season.

Galapagos Giant tortoises, Ecuador-

In 1535, when a Spanish sailor discovered the archipelago, he named it after the abundant tortoise. The Spanish word for a tortoise is Galápagos. These Galapagos tortoises lead an uncomplicated life. They have a slow metabolism and ample internal storage for water, so they can survive over a year with no food or drink. 

The Galapagos tortoises are a living museum of evolutionary biology, where 'The land before time' still lives in the present. There are only ten types of the giant tortoise left in the Galapagos, even lesser when Darwin first arrived in 1835. But these giant tortoises can live more than a century. The oldest on record lived for 152 years.

Hunted by the pirates, merchantmen, and whalers in the past, they still have a continuing threat by the non-native species like- cats, dogs, rats, and cattle as they are dangerous to their food, eggs, and supplies. The good thing is- to remediate the situation, the Ecuadorian government is taking action to protect them since 1970.

Ecuador is warm and pleasant year-round. But if you want to see the giant tortoises hatch, visit between December and April. You can fly to Quito or Guayaquil in Ecuador. From either, you can reach Galapagos. It will land at Baltra Island or San Cristobal Island. For cruising, choose ships like- La Pinta yacht.

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