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Brazil is a delight to the senses; its people, landscapes, food, and culture are utterly captivating. From pulsing cities to dramatic panoramas, this country encourages exploration. Book your trip with Travel Curated to begin your Brazilian adventure. Get among the streets of Rio de Janeiro to feel the energy of this bustling city. There’s never a dull moment in Rio: parties, festivals and celebrations are held throughout the year. Visit during Carnival when the entire city becomes an eruption of colours, sounds, and spirit. Parades of floats make their way through the streets as dancers bounce to fast-paced samba rhythms. The atmosphere is infectious; you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving your feet. From buzzing streets to electrifying jungle, trek into the Amazon to be surrounded by verdant rainforest that teems with exotic wildlife. Sloths, monkeys and parrots are just some of the fascinating species that make their home here. For a unique wildlife-watching experience, head to the Pantanal wetlands, where giant lily pads are scattered across the water’s surface, birds in a kaleidoscope of colours stream across the sky and leopards skulk around the swamp’s edge. Journey to the breath taking Iguazu Falls to be humbled by the sight and sound of the Iguazu River cascading into the canyon below. Complete your time in Brazil with a trip to the pristine beaches on the Emerald Coast. Relaxing on the soft sands of the aptly named coastline is a welcome end to your thrilling expedition.

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Brazilian Heritage

Discover Brazil’s cultures with our Brazilian Heritage itinerary. This tour will take you to some of t...

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Visit between December to April for dry sunny weather

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Where will your next adventure take you?

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